My name is Ray and my YouTube channel is xXRenaissanceManXx My blog is going to be dedicated to covering the coming Mother of all Depressions.  I will post here regularly and share my thoughts and opinions, buttressed by well known indicators and common Indexes available on the internet.

I am hoping to begin a radio show soon.  If that materializes, I will update this blog.  In the meantime, let’s get to some discussion on the economy:

It seems as though the Trump Bump is not going to overcome “Sell in May and go away”.  There must be a correction soon.  The Equity Markets are way over priced and I believe it is artificial with the purpose of drawing out the remaining wealth among the investor class.  We have seen terrific and massive amounts of Fed printing and Digital pumping into Wall Street.

Companies were spending like drunken sailors, mostly on Stock buy backs.  Many people in the economic community are calling late summer into the fall of 2017.  That seems reasonable to me but I must caution, nobody can know when the beginning will be.  Most of us can agree that the coming Massive Depression will be Global and it may last five to seven years.

Whatever may come, even if nothing at all, you lose nothing by using some of your cash and converting it to hard assets like Silver, Food, Water Filtration, Firearms, Medicines, Toiletries, Liquor, Tobacco, etc.  In the next post, we’ll dive into some specifics.

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