Radio Show

I have already done two shows on Prepper Broadcasting.  The people who run that are really awesome and they are providing an outlet for people like me to put out information.  This coming Saturday, June 10, 2017 the show will begin with an announcement!  We’ll then go over some economic news for the week and then go into the main topic:  Emergency Communications.

Way back when our prepping community was developing on YouTube, I had identified an important subject; Communications. In a grid down scenario or some other emergency, being able to communicate or at least listen, would be vital for information, Intel and would be a huge psychological boost to the people who have chosen to prepare.

Emergency Communications come in many forms and could range from handheld radios with a few mile radius all the way up to an HF rig that could reach many thousands of miles. A Police Scanner could easily provide critical information. Though I may be a licensed Ham Radio Operator, you do not need a license to buy and listen to the Ham bands. People worry about licensing because of the FCC, well I have news for you, if you’re trying to be self-sufficient then the Gov’t may already know about you.

In this case, get a P.O. Box. Technician Class is a very simple test and would allow you to operate 2 meter, 440, 220, 6 meters and a part of 10 meter band. Then I hear people who might be afraid of cost; this is a myth. For less than $500 I put a rig on the air that could work countries all over the world. Even a Citizens Band radio or CB could be effective comms. So, stay tuned and we will cover all of the options available to you.

I hope you will join me Saturday night and I really encourage anyone with questions to call in to the show.

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