Radio Show Announcement

Beginning Tuesday, June 20, 2017 The Renaissance Man radio show will move to Tuesdays nights instead of Saturday night.  This coming Sat. night at 8pm EST….

Emergency Communications

On this weeks show, we will delve into all of the possible communications gear that you can acquire and supplement your preps.  I will be joined by a Pastor who is also an Extra Class Ham Radio Operator.  Together we will detail each type of gear and it’s capabilities.  I will post a link Here from my YouTube page that should give you a primer on emergency communications.

Coming up on Sat. 6/17/2017 we will cover Portable Solar Generator and solar basics as well.

Confirmed: Gman Prepper of Prepper Broadcasting will join me on my first Tuesday night show.  We will discuss his book on Navigation for Survival and cover important items in his book.  Here is the link to his book.

4th of July….We are going to do a special show on the Declaration of Independence and what the Founding Fathers intended for us to have

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