I am an Ex-Military Veteran.  For the last 10 years or so, I have been on a quest to learn as much as I possibly can about how, who, where and why, we no longer have a Constitutional Republic.  You can call me a kook or a conspiracy nut; I Served so that you have that Freedom.  It just seems to me that the train has come off the rails and upon further study and research, this goes back a long way.  Once I had to catch up, I needed to understand what is coming our way.  The Prepper community has been around for quite some time and though we had not experienced a SHTF incident, I believe that we have all along.  We just don’t see it.

My estimation heavily leans toward Economic Depression or Collapse.  I’ve arrived at this by simply accepting that the Global debt Bubble, Currency Bubble, Stock Market Bubble, Bond Market Bubble and many other bubbles are going to pop.  The collapse of 2008 was just a precursor to what is coming our way.  I call it the Mother of all Great Depressions.  The Central Banks are boxed in.  They can’t raise Interest Rates higher than 1% because Governments would not be able to make their interest payments.  They can’t do QE.  They might do what Zuckerberg proposed which is Helicopter Money.  Print billions of new currency and give it to the masses.  This will just lead to Hyper-Inflation like Venezuela.

My YouTube channel is setup with many different prep videos.  Getting prepared is the most important thing you can do right now.  Let’s say we’re wrong.  Let’s say I’m totally wrong and everything just goes along.  What have you lost by putting stuff away?  My blog will concentrate on the coming Depression.  Come back often and I allow all comments.